Just yesterday I took this picture of the primroses defying the January blues to smile a warm promise of spring. It was a step on from the enticing images in the seed catalogues that had kept me excited with the heady thought of summer buckets of beautiful bright scented flowers to cut and prepare. The primrose was no contender for a bouquet but it was still a sign that nature was on our side.


What a difference a day makes as overnight we received a white blanket of snow that seemed to snuff out the garden’s optimistic burst of vitality and tipex over nature’s mistake to throw us back into winter.

It was forecast,so no complaints there,but it still surprised sleepy eyes with its whiteness on pulling back the curtains.

The top field plot that on paper is already overflowing with Bells of Ireland , Cornflowers, Calendulas and Cerinthe had surrendered to the blankness of snow and made that abundance a more distant reality.


There were positives, it hid the mud and puddles that have been our companions for weeks, it put paid to any thoughts of physical outdoor tasks and was the perfect excuse to light the fire at breakfast time and hit the laptop to finish the seed ordering. Blind to the hypnotising swirl outside and lost in the possibilities that the combination of hard work and Mother Nature can bring.

All is calm at Sweet Cicely Headquarters.