Whilst training as a florist, my dear colleagues often questioned why I grew my own flowers.  Would it not be easier just to go into your computer and order them from Holland and have them delivered to you the next day, they queried?

I have to admit there are some occasions when I agree with them, such as when it is blowing a gale, or when I return to the house absolutely soaking wet because I have been tending to the flower beds, or when I have to get up at 5am just as the sun is rising to pick the flowers and condition them ready for the current day’s orders.

Then I remember how much I love the whole process from selecting the seeds to grow from catalogues during the winter months, to watching them grow through to picking them on a beautiful sunny morning outside with my dogs for company.  The scent from a lot of these flowers is sometimes overwhelming and this is not found in commercial florists flowers.  I am able to grow some unusual varieties that cannot be found in florists shops as they cannot be transported well in the huge lorries and still look wonderful after having been through the flower auction markets to then be shipped across to the UK or flown in from Kenya.

Whilst training, when I brought my buckets of flowers into the floristry room at my local college, people would rush over drawn in by the scent or the sight of unfamiliar flowers.

The greatest pleasure of all is sending out a bouquet of flowers and getting such wonderful feedback.  The satisfaction I feel knowing that I was there through the whole process of selecting the seed, sowing the seed, weeding the ground, cutting the flowers at the right time, conditioning the flowers and finally putting them together for the most important part of my process, my customer.  I can then collapse into bed at the end of each day exhausted but oh so satisfied!