SOCIAL MEDIA I am always being told that this is now one of the most important parts of your business – using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram on a regular basis.  I am very aware that this is where I let myself down.  I find it hard to put anything onto Social Media that I feel is of interest to anyone and that hasn’t been done before.  I really hate being bombarded by pointless tweets and Facebook pictures of a cup of tea.

My days are concentrated on growing good quality, beautiful flowers – so I am either in the field or polytunnel sowing and planting.  I also have to get my flower orders out each day and ensure that they are the best quality they can be, ready to send to my customers.  In between this, I am juggling meetings with potential brides, further consultations with booked brides and replying to the huge number of e-mails at the end of each day. I have now decided to stop beating myself up about my lack of Facebook entries and tweets and concentrate wholly on growing good quality flowers and hope that old fashioned ‘word of mouth’ will help people knowing about Sweet Cicely.

I have, however, fallen for Instagram and if I had mobile reception where I live it would be much easier to do this.  I probably would have posted this picture when I was in the field this summer and saw this beautiful Hawk Moth larvae chomping its way through my Ash saplings.

Hawk Moth 1

I would have loved to have shown these glorious green trailing Amaranthus when they were looking at their best.

Amaranthus green

I cannot tell you how many times I have rushed off to deliver the bridal flowers and not taken pictures of the bouquets.

Rose June wedding bouquet

So my early resolution for 2016 is to try harder with social media but put growing high quality gorgeous flowers first.